What’s New in iClone 2

  iClone ic2.5 whatsnew picking Whats New

Direct Picking and Manipulating Selected Objects (version 2.5)

Double click to select and edit characters, accessories and props from inside the 3D preview window.

Objects selected in the 3D window will automatically be highlighted and corresponding Modify panels will be opened.

Direct move and rotate any picked objects using hotkeys – move: alt + arrow keys, rotate: ctrl + left/right, up and down: ctrl + up/down.

  iClone linking Whats New

Add Linkage between Objects and Characters (version 2.5)

Characters can be seated in moving cars, mounted to ride a horse, bike or any vehicle.

Characters linked to moving objects will animate while following the motion of the object which they are linked to.

Characters or props can be linked to other characters, accessories or props so the position, scale and rotation data applies to both parent and child objects.

  iClone ic2.2 whatsnew large Whats New

Large Scene Camera & Camera Snap hot-keys (version 2.5)

Press the “E” key to quickly auto level the camera back to the upright position if the camera gets tilted.

Press the “F” key to zoom the camera view to the front of the selected object.

Press the “Home” key to view the selected object from top right position.

Rotate and orbit camera to the “F” or “Home” keys focused objects.

Camera templates for medium, large and extremely large scale scenes. Film large cityscapes, terrains, architecture and more.

Large camera templates remove the error of sky clipping issues.

iClone ic2.0 whatsnew g2 Whats New

G2 Avatar (2nd Generation) – The evolution of the advanced avatar

9 all new Base Character Body Shapes add multiple combinations for enhanced actor appearance.

High detailed texture design (1024 x1024), close-up shots reveal high quality texture resolution for rich character design.

Natural character motion and posing with improved skeletal bone structure and avatar rigging design.

  iClone ic2.0 whatsnew clonecloth Whats New

CloneCloth – Custom character clothing to cut and design

Simple clothing creation using any image editor.

Dual- layer CloneCloth characters feature outer garments able to reveal the inner skin when cut to fit.

Sheer cloth using simple grayscale color for transparent apparel.

Additional clothing customization with bump, reflection, and glowing effects using the multi-texture editing feature.

  iClone ic2.0 whatsnew particle Whats New

Real-time Special Effects – Particle Effects

Add completely customizable visual SFX with particle templates for instant generation of magic, jet thrusters, sparks and blood. Add natural elements including fire, smoke, water, leaves, rain, and snow. Digital Text Effects, Revolving Tunnels, plus custom user-defined visual effects created and controlled by a full featured graphic user interface.

Particle emitters can be attached to any scene object, such as a character or animated props to generate dynamic particle trailing effects, e.g. rockets burst with flaming engine fire and smoke puffs from the exhaust pipe of a racing car.

Easy to operate particle behavior modify panel allows users to customize diffuse and opacity maps, particle emitter strength, size, velocity, color, quota, life cycle, gravity position and more for unlimited creative control.

  iClone ic2.0 whatsnew fog Whats New

Real-time Special Effects – Fog

Create a sense of atmospheric depth in any 3D scene by generating instant Fog featuring simulated light attenuation.

Alter Fog parameters to adjust the fog color, thickness, and depth using preset templates or the simplified fog editor inside the Modify Panel.

  iClone ic2.0 whatsnew livescenes Whats New

LivePlants for 3D Scenes

Real-time optimized foliage displays multiple trees, flowers and grass, simultaneously adding natural moving life to 3d scenes.

Plants sway along with wind for dynamic display while filming.

High-resolution rendering enhances close-up shots, revealing LivePlants high level of detail.

Viewing distance level of detail for efficient rendering.

  iClone ic2.0 whatsnew hd Whats New

High Speed Rendering & HD Resolution Video Output

Support both HD 720p (1280×720) and HD 1080p (1920×1080) standard.

More than 68 frames per second DVD size rendering output (based on NVIDIA 7600).

  iClone ic2.0 whatsnew footsliding Whats New

Automatic Motion Retargeting

Anti-foot sliding, removes the foot sliding effect when applying motion data to different body scales, the repaired footstep will fit on the ground when moving with anti-foot sliding applied.

  iClone ic2.0 whatsnew exporting Whats New

Texture Export

All the textures you modified can be saved for further use. Especially for the garment textures.

Load and Save (Export) texture files for characters, props and accessories.



  • Saved characters will keep attached accessories and props with the character VNS file. (Particle emitters are not included)

  • Normal maps affect the surface region like bump with higher degree of detail. Simple low-poly models can appear as detailed 3D objects using Normal Maps.

  • Objects with multiple textures are supported with individual texture editing capability.

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