Key Features

iClone key features include:

  • Generates photo-realistic 3D head models from one or two photos

  • Customizable 3D face shape modeling, including profile, eyes, teeth and skin color

  • Personalize character, body scale, hairstyle, hand gesture, dress, accessories and texture

  • Apply life-like motion captured animation for body language, dance and natural human movement

  • Music Sync – Automatically synchronize motion to music rhythm

  • Motion Editor – Build custom motion data or enhance existing motion files

  • Artistic 3D head modeling controls with Facetrix, muscle based facial morphing engine for precise modeling based on ethnicity, gender, age, personality, etc.

  • Create 3D talking heads with emotion based expressions and automatic lip-sync compatible with CrazyTalk4 Talking Script files (.CTS)

  • Load custom 2D/3D scenes for static or animated camera environments

  • Add dynamic lighting, shadows, camera movement, and character props

  • Fine rendering for high-quality media output DVD video, AVI, WMV, RM, AniGiF, mobile 3GP, MMS

  • Full screen real-time display

  • Pixel Shader – Greatly enhances visual quality with brand new real-time Pixel Shader supporting normal map, vertex color, soft self-cast shadow and multi-texturing effects.

  • Timeline – Animation keyframe editing for camera, lights, characters, props, hands, and accessories. (Studio version only)

  • Multi-texture Editing – Customize multi-texture channels including diffuse, opacity, bump, glow, and reflection of hairs, outfits, skins, accessories and props.

  • Building Blocks Systems – Instant 3D scene buildup via move, scale, rotate, merging and stacking of basic 3D building blocks.

  • 3D Live Props systems – Animation clips embedded in props allowing prop animation to be controlled via the timeline.

  • G2 Characters – Generation 2 characters are more life-like with enhanced bones, skin and body shape for increased smoothness in motion and more flexible posing. Improved G2 skeleton structure helps characters avoid breaks or odd-bending skin even when exaggerated motion is applied.

  • CloneCloth – Design custom fashions for characters using images for limitless wardrobe possibilities.

  • SFX (Fog) – Environmental effects to create volume atmospheres.

  • SFX (Particle System) – Powerful but easy-to-use particle effects producing dynamic weather, magic effects and basic elements like fire and smoke.

  • 3D LivePlants – 3D Scenes with animated woods, grass and flowers featuring dynamic wind effect.

  • HD video size export – Export 1280 x 720 (720 P) and 1920 x 1080 (1080 P) videos for playing back on the HD TV.

  • Savable Texture – Textures may be exported for alteration and packing for sale.

  • Anti-foot sliding technology- Repair character motion to correct foot sliding allowing character animation to be aligned with the floor.

  • Linkage – Characters or props can be linked to other characters, accessories or props so the position, scale and rotation data applies to both parent and child objects and the character motion can be independently performed while linked to another object.

Key Features