Hints and Tips

In addition to the Hints and Tips listed below, you can also visit our web site: http://www.reallusion.com/iclone/ic_tutorial.asp for more details about Hints and Tips.

Positioning Tool – Arrange all the elements in the best spots

1. Show Grid - Activating Show Grid from preference helps you align the avatar, 3D scene, or camera angle. The camera effect on template is based on character position. Therefore, we suggest you adjust the 3d scene instead of character position.

iClone hints and tips 04 Hints and Tips


iClone grid%20off Hints and Tips
iClone show grid Hints and Tips
Grid Off
Show Grid


Others – Tips for better iClone experience

1.Texture size - You can select one kind of texture size suitable your hardware.

iClone hints and tips 08 2 Hints and Tips



2. Define your default project - You can set your favorite project as a default project in project page. If you want to revert Reallusion project, go to set it on project page.


How to create Fade-in/Fade-out shots?

Though iClone cameras don’t have fade-in/fade-out features yet, we can still create fade-in/fade-out shots by adjusting the keys of the light.

1. Apply 3D Scene – Please apply any one 3D scene first.

2. Turn off the Ambient Light – In the Modify iClone modify Hints and Tips page of Light iClone light Hints and Tips, drag the sliders of the Ambient Light to leftmost.

iClone light%20modify Hints and Tips

3. Using Timeline - In the Animation Setting section, change the mode to Animated Light with the Edit Key box checked.

4. Setting Keys – In the first frame, change the color of light 1 to black. Move to the frame where you want to stop fade-in, set the color of the light 1 to be white or any other color (except black) you desire.

5. Play the project – Click play button to view the result. Repeat adjusting the light accordingly to get the best result.

6. Fade out shot – Copy the key of light 1 in the first frame, paste it to the end frame of the project. Copy the key of light 1 in the frame where the fade-in ends, paste into the frame where you desire to have the fade-out effect start. So you can have a fade-out shot.


Where are all the 9 base models? Will the G2 heads fit with another characters, include the G1 characters?

1. The default embedded models are merely two men and two women. If you intend to use the other models, please visit our web site and purchase all of them: http://www.reallusion.com/ContentStore/iClone_main.aspx?MenuItem=ic

2. If you have already bought all the models and you want to use one of their head, please remember that the G2 and G1 share the heads. However, it is recommended to apply heads with matching body types. Otherwise, the neck parts might look un-natural as they are connected to the body types that don’t fit with them.

3. Please refer to the G2 Characters section for more information.


The skin color doesn’t consist with the face color, any method to enhance it?

Please refer to Matching Face Color with Skin Color section for more details.


Texture size for the garment matters?

The resolution of the image for mapping to the outfits is really crucial to the result. The higher the resolution is, the more detail can be seen on the cloth since the expansion and distortion least.

Same upper body with garment texture of different resolution

iClone outfittexture256 Hints and Tips

Texture size: 256×256

(Serious expansion to fit the garment mesh)

iClone outfittexture512 Hints and Tips

Texture size: 512×512

(Medium expansion to fit the garment mesh)

iClone outfittexture1024 Hints and Tips

Texture size: 1024×1024

(No expansion)

Hints and Tips