Structure of Particle System

Usually, a powerful mechanism is constructed with very simple structure. and so is the iClone particle system. The components of iClone particle system are: Emitter, particles ejected from the emitter, and optionally, a parent node of the emitter.

  • Emitter (Invisible)- An invisible object from which the particles are animated from. It is like a faucet that gives particles instead of water. Therefore, it can be turned on and off, the direction, the volume and so on, can be adjusted through several easy-to-controlled attributes.

  • Particle – The image objects ejected from the emitter. By means of adjusting the attributes of the particles, such as the image sizes, the blend methods, and so on, you can create sandstorm, fire, smoke and lots more in your scene.

  • Parent node (Optional) – The parent node can be viewed as the linked target of the emitter. It can be a prop, an accessory or even a joint of the bone of an avatar. Since emitters and particles can not have keys in the timeline, this is the best way to move or rotate the emitter for sending various particles. Besides, it facilitates seeing the location of your emitters when you want to create a moving emitter such as a firework.

iClone component Structure of Particle System

Generating particles

Adjusting particles

Moving, rotating emitter

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Structure of Particle System