Using Helpers

In addition to using the timeline and keys, iClone provides you with another method to move the emitter, which is called the “Particle Helper”.

A particle helper is actually a prop or a merged prop, exported from aother 3D application to iClone. Helpers contain several motion clips of which the prop itself rotates or moves along fixed or pre-defined orbits or trails. It saves a lot of time for you from setting keys in the timeline for animating the emitters.

  1. In the Scene iClone scene Using Helpers mode, press down the Props iClone props Using Helpers button.

  2. Select the Particle Helper  in the template gallery.

  3. iClone particle helper Using Helpers
  4. Double click any one template to apply a particle helper. The helpers provided are already linked with particles. Play back the project to see the default motion of the helpers applied.
    iClone particle helper box Using Helpers This is how it looks in the 3D view port.

  5. You may create your own particle effect and then linked it to the helper.

    • Click iClone sfx Using Helpers and iClone particle Using Helpers button.

    • Switch to iClone modify Using Helpers.

      iClone particle%20modify%20emitter1 Using Helpers

    • With your particle effect selected in the Emitter drop down list, select the helper name applied in the Link to drop down list.

    • Click the Link Node iClone mod%20link Using Helpers button to invoke the Link to Sub-Node dialog box.

      iClone link to sub node Using Helpers

    • There may be single or multiple nodes named in the following pattern: “Helper_n,(n = 1, 2, 3…). Select any one of them as the linked target.

      • Single helper node: It is a prop contains several motion clips.

      • Multiple helper nodes: It is a merged prop consisting of multiple props that each may have several motion clips.

  6. Click the Timeline iClone timeline1 Using Helpers button under the 3D view port window. With the helper selected, right click on its motion track. Pick any one of the motion clip as a key to move the helper. Please refer to adjust the motions of the live props for more information.

  7. iClone particlehelperclips Using Helpers

  8. Adjust the emitter and particle parameters.

  9. Play back the project.




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