Moving, Rotating Emitters

In this section, we will describe how to move or rotate emitters since setting keys into timeline for particles and emitters is not available in this version. Once the emitters are modified, the particles ejected from they will be influenced automatically.

(We assume that you are already familiar with the settings and parameters of particles and emitters. If you are not, please go to adjusting particles and adjusting emitters for more information.)


As you will find that once an emitter is added into the project, you can not see it in the 3D view port. But how do we move or rotate the emitter if we don’t know where it is? Please follow the steps below:

  1. Please add a prop into your project.

  2. Apply the particle effect you want.

  3. Change to Modify iClone modify Particle Helper tab of the SFX menu.

  4. Select the emitter for moving and rotating in the Emitter drop down list. iClone mod%20emitter%20list Particle Helper

  5. In the Link to drop down list, select the prop we added in step 1. iClone mod%20link%20list Particle Helper

  6. Move or rotate the prop by insert keys into timeline.

  7. Change the opacity of the prop so it turns totally transparent after you are satisfied with the motion of the emitter.


Alternatively, iClone provides you another method to move the emitter with only several simple steps.

Using Particle Helpers


Adjusting Particles

Adjusting Emitters

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