Generating Particles

iClone provides 6 categories of particles for you. They are:

  • Environment – The templates simulate the environmental phenomena such as fog, cloud and so on.

  • Fire and Smoke – Many kinds of fires can be applied to your projects.

  • Miscellaneous – Some other templates for further use.

  • Text – You can have your own logos, texts with special effects to amaze your audience.

  • Tunnel – You will find many tunnel effects in this category, such as time tunnels, wormholes, etc.

  • Water – Springs, waterfalls, any type of water you want can be found in this category.

iClone particle%20template Generating Particles


  1. Please click the SFX iClone sfx Generating Particles button in the navigation pane.

  2. Press down the Particle iClone particle Generating Particles button.

  3. Switch to the template tab. Simply double click on any one template in these categories and your project generates particles accordingly.

  4. Play back the project to see the result.

Alternatively, you can apply any template in the folder named Effect Pack in Project, Accessories, Props menu to have particles in your project.

As for the other parameters for adjustment, please read the next section:

Adjusting particles

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Generating Particles