Example Projects

Though iClone provides templates and contents in different categories, you may want to create some of your own. In This chapter, you will see many tutorial samples which enable you to get more familiar with the new features provided by iClone. You may view these videos or download the VNS files on: Animated Tutorials / iClone – SFX section



Cast Spell


Fountain Statue



iClone auroraresult Example Projects

iClone auroradiff Example Projects


iClone auroraopa Example Projects


  1. Apply any one template from the template gallery.

  2. Set the Max in Angular Velocity to 0 so the particles stop rotate as it is generated.

  3. Set the (Width, Height) size of the Start and End to (1, 400) and (800, 400).

  4. Change the Diffuse, Opacity as the illustrations.

  5. Set the Start Color to Magenta, End Color to light blue and the Opacity to (74, 0).

  6. Set the Min, Max of Life to (150, 250).

  7. Quota and Emit Rate are set to be (100, 30).

  8. Change the Emit Volume to (1000, 1, 20) so the aurora spreads wide across the sky.

  9. Increase the Position-Y to lift up the emitter into the sky.

  10. Set the Gravity-Z and Wind-Z to (3, 20) to create a floating effect.



iClone lightningresult Example Projects

iClone lightning Example Projects


iClone lightning Example Projects


  1. Apply the snow particle effect.

  2. Load one lightning image to replace the Diffuse and the Opacity

  3. Set the Opacity for both the Start/End colors to 190 since we need the lightning looking bright.

  4. And set the size for Start/End to (150, 150)/(150, 150).

  5. Adjust the life span for Min and Max to (50, 60).

  6. Enter the value for the Quota and Emit Rate to (3000, 48).

  7. Set the Position of the above the character who is to be struck by the lightning, 200 is recommended. You can decide the lightning range by means of adjusting the Emit Volume.

  8. Set the Latitude to -90 so the lightning going downward.

  9. Spread and Roll are set to be 3 and 135. Velocity is set to be 4000 so each stroke of the lightning moves pretty fast.

  10. You may optionally decrease the Gravity to -150 to accelerate the lightning.


Cast Spell

iClone castspellresult Example Projects

  1. Create a circle by means of the 3D blocks in the props page. Adjust the texture channel of it.

  2. Set keys for it in the Timeline to make it rotate.

  3. Add another prop, make it totally transparent. Merge these two props as one and add the new prop into the custom gallery.

  4. Please copy the vns file of this prop from Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Reallusion\Custom\iClone Custom\Props into Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Reallusion\Custom\iClone Custom\Accessories.

  5. Apply it to the avatar’s hand. Adjust till it is parallel and away from the palm a little bit.

  6. Add a motion with a spell-casting action in it.

  7. Set the size of the magic circle to (0, 0, 0).

  8. In the frame when the action starts, expand the size of the magic circle.

  9. In the SFX page, apply the Throttle Blue effect. Switch to Modify tab and link it to the Magic Circle.

  10. Change the diffuse to the image of anything you want to cast from the magic circle.

  11. Set the Start Frame to the frame where the action starts.

  12. Adjust the Longitude/Latitude to (0, 90) so the particle be emitted upward relatively to the magic circle.

  13. Change the Gravity to have the particles moves away in correct direction.


iClone runintherainresult Example Projects

  1. Please apply the Snow effect in the template gallery.

  2. Set the Blend mode to Addition so the rain drops look real.

  3. Change the Size for the Star/End to (5, 300).

  4. Increase the Quota and Emit Rate to (3000, 2000) so it rains harder.

  5. Set the Gravity to (0,0,-2000).

  6. Apply the Hell Fir Spark effect.

  7. Set the Min/Max for Life to (50, 100).

  8. The Quota/Emit Rate is increased to (2000,2000) so it splashes more as the rain hit the ground.

  9. Change the Emit Volume to (1000, 1000, 0) to have the splash particle covered all over the floor.

  10. Remember to set the Position to (0, 3, 0).

  11. Set the Gravity/Wind to (0, 0, -12)/(0, 0, 140) so the particles bounce up and drop down a little.

Fountain Statue

iClone maneken%20pis Example Projects

Gravity Y = 7

iClone maneken%20pis1 Example Projects

Gravity Y = -15

  1. Please adjust your avatar to Fountain Statue.

  2. Apply Spray in the template gallery.

  3. Link the spray to your avatar. Adjust the position of it to the adequate place.

  4. Adjust the Gravity of Y, you will see how interesting it is.

Example Projects