Adding Fog

It is simple to add fog to your project. Please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Please make sure that you do have apply one of the 3D scenes to your project. The fog can only be effective when 3D scene exists.

  2. Press the SFX iClone sfx Adding Fog button on the navigation pane and click Fog iClone fog Adding Fog button in the sub-item bar.

  3. Check the Fog On box to turn on the fog. Clear the box to turn off the effect.

iClone fog%20modify Adding Fog

Different fogs can create different atmospheres.

iClone fog4 Adding Fog

No fog

iClone fog2 Adding Fog


iClone fog3 Adding Fog


iClone fog1 Adding Fog


As for the other parameters for adjustment, please read the next section, Adjusting fog.

Adding Fog