Modifying Maps

Modify Texture from Existing iClone Characters


  1. For viewing and editing existing texture, you can click Launch iClone mod launch Modifying Maps to open image editors such as MS Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Painter. etc .
    • you can customize your favorite image software as the default texture editor corresponding to the Launch button in Preference panel. See Select texture editor.


  1. Now select the accessories – sword , and click the launch button , you will see this texture image for the sword in image editor.

iClone image010 Modifying Maps             iClone image012 Modifying Maps


  1. After you edit the sword texture in the image editor, you can save the image and click the Update iClone mod update Modifying Maps button. You will see the sword texture update automatically inside your scene.

iClone image015 Modifying Maps             iClone image016 Modifying Maps


  1. Every time you change the texture in another image editor, you need to save the texture with its original temp file name, and click the Update iClone mod update Modifying Maps button to apply the result when you switch back to iClone.

  2. If you save the texture as another image file, you have to use the Import Map iClone mod import Modifying Maps button to load the image.

  3. You can select an image file directly to replace the texture of the sword by clicking the Import Map iClone mod import Modifying Maps button.

  4. If you want to remove the texture , click the Remove Map iClone mod remove Modifying Maps button.

  5. Press the UV Reference iClone mod vureference Modifying Maps button to launch the image editing software opening the UV image of the selected object, you can paint the texture base on UV position. See UV reference for details.

  6. If you want to keep the texture for further use on other objects, click the Export iClone exportchannel Modifying Maps button for each channel of the textures.

Modifying Maps