Keyboard Shortcuts

The following hotkeys are used to move or rotate the character, accessory and prop.




Move (X, Z)

Alt+up/down = move (Z) Alt+left/right = move (X)

iClone character%20position Keyboard Shortcuts

Move (Y)

Ctrl+up/down = move (Y)

If the shadow sinks into the ground or floats in the air, use this function to fine tune the shadow offset.


Ctrl+left/right = rotate (Y)

Tips – Speed movement:

combining Shift key with the CTRL or ALT keys will increase the incremental movement speed 10 x.


The following hotkeys are used on the 3D view window.

Full screen mode


Press iClone fullscreen Keyboard Shortcuts to enter, Esc to go back.



Press iClone preview Keyboard Shortcuts to preview the render result.



For both window mode or full screen mode.


Roll X-Z


Right mouse button


Press down and drag in the 3D viewer can roll the view on X-Z plan.


Rectify the camera angle




Snap the camera back to the upright position.


Zoom in/out


Roller of the mouse


Roll the roller on the mouse to zoom in/out the 3D viewer.


Speed Zoom in/out


Right + Left mouse buttons


Press down both the right and left mouse buttons may speed zoom in/out the 3D view.

Quick camera switch

A – Left
S – Right
D – Back
F – Front
G – Top
H – Bottom
J – Face
Z – Pan
X – Roll X-Z
C – Zoom
V – Rotate X-Y
Home – 45 Degrees

Press F to switch the selected object (character, acc
essory, prop) face front .

iClone key front Keyboard Shortcuts

Press Home iClone home Keyboard Shortcuts to snap the camera to the 45 degrees perspective to the selected object (character, accessory, prop).

iClone key home Keyboard Shortcuts

Lock to Character


Lock Dynamic Camera to character.

Unlock to Character


Unlock Dynamic Camera.

Tips – Speed movement:

combining Shift key with zoom, pan, roll and rotate will increase the incremental movement speed 10 x.


The following table summarizes the hot keys for toggling effects on/off and for performance observation


  • The hotkey function can be effective only when the system is focusing on the 3D preview window, simply mouse click on the 3d preview area to set window focus

  • The hotkey functions may be disabled If the hotkeys conflict with other applications.




Rendering Effects

Ctrl – F1

Toggle Shader  (Quick Shader vs. Pixel Shader).

Ctrl – F2

Toggle Diffuse Texture On/Off.

Ctrl – F3

Toggle Bump On/Off.

Ctrl – F4

Toggle Reflection On/Off.

Ctrl – F5

Toggle Glow On/Off.

Ctrl – F6

Toggle Shadows (None – Drop Shadow – Wall Shadow – Self-cast Shadow).

Ctrl – F7

Invoke Character Selection Panel to select or add character.

Ctrl – F9

Toggle Specular Highlight On/Off.


Ctrl – F

Toggle Frame Rate (FPS)  On/Off.

Ctrl – G

Toggle 3D Floor Grid On/Off.

Ctrl – F8

Toggle Normal Directions On/Off.

Keyboard Shortcuts