Time Setting Panel

The time setting panel enables you to adjust the Length and Time Unit of the project as well as the loop setting. Click the clock button next to the current time counter below the 3D view port window to open the Time Setting Panel.

iClone clockbutton Time Setting Panel

This button opens the Time Setting dialog box for further adjustment.

iClone timesetting Time Setting Panel

  • Animation Length: Shows the total length of the project in frame count. The default length for each project is 600 frames and the maximum number is 18000.

  • Select Time Unit: You may decide the display of the current time counter to be in frame or time format.

  • Animation Length Alignment: After you apply motion and vocal to your avatars, and add music to your project, click one of the three buttons to change the length of the project so it aligns to the length of the motion, music or the vocal.

  • Loop Setting: You may check these three boxes to have the motion, music or the vocal to loop before the end of the project.

Time Setting Panel