Texture Size

You can assign the maximum texture size for real-time rendering. The larger the texture size, the more the video RAM needed. If you encounter texture map problems, try setting a smaller texture size. 

To set the texture size:

  1. Click the Preference iClone prefs Texture Size button to display the preferences dialog box.

iClone prefsjpg Texture Size

  1. Select a texture size from the Texture Size drop-down list.

  2. Click the OK iClone ok Texture Size button when finished.


  • Your textures may look blurry when you apply them to large objects or view them in a close-up.  This could be resulted from the maximum allowable texture size.

  • The default texture size setting for iClone is 512 x 512. This setting determines the maximum allowable texture size.  Therefore, if any texture is larger than 512 x 512, after you apply it to a 3D object, the texture size will be scaled down to 512 x 512 (pixel as unit), which results in the blurry look of your texture.

  • Users can define the maximum allowable texture size applied to 3D objects in Texture Size Setting tool in the Preferences menu. If you have high-resolution textures, you can set the texture size higher (from 1,024 x 1,024 to 4,096 x 4,096) to maintain your original texture quality. Since texture images take your graphics card memory, please consider the overall texture budget for the optimized visual quality.

iClone 256x256 Texture Size

256 x 256

iClone 4096x4096 Texture Size

2048 x 2048


Texture Size