Render Quality and Shader Options

You can set render quality and shader options in Preference pane.

iClone supports two levels of shader for real-time rendering. 

iClone snap Render Quality and Shader Options

iClone automatically detects the 3D graphics card installed in the PC and provides available Quality options. The Quality setting is dependent on the 3D graphics card installed on the PC.  For example, with Nvidia 7×00 series or ATI Radeon 9×00, users can select High, Middle, Low and Custom render settings.  However, with older 3D graphics card such as Geforce4 MX that do not support shader model 1.0,  users can only select Low and Custom options.  The new Pixel Shader function will be disabled if the requirement is not met.

iClone custom low Render Quality and Shader Options 

The Quick Shader produces an efficient real-time render with some 3D effects disabled for faster performance. 

The Pixel Shader takes advantage of shader model 1.0 and has options including: Reflection, Bump and Glow. Turing these options on increases the visual quality but consumes system resource. Refer to Performance Issue and Tuning for more details on optimizing your working environment.

Render Quality and Shader Options