3D Real-time Viewer (Preview Window)

The power of iClone real-time 3D filmmaking is seen clearly inside the 3D viewer pane which displays the current camera view and is also your workspace when creating an iClone project.

Please scroll down to this page or refer to the Keyboard Shortcuts for more details about camera movement directly using mouse operation.

iClone 3d viewer 3D Real time Viewer (Preview Window)


The following hotkeys are used on the 3D view window.

Full screen mode


Press iClone fullscreen 3D Real time Viewer (Preview Window) to enter, Esc to go back



Press iClone preview 3D Real time Viewer (Preview Window) to preview the render result



For both window mode or full screen mode


Roll X-Z


Right mouse button


Press down and drag in the 3D viewer can roll the view on X-Z plan.


Rectify the camera angle




Snap the camera back to the upright position.


Zoom in/out


Roller of the mouse


Scroll the roller on the mouse to zoom the 3D viewer free camera in and out.


Speed Zoom in/out


Right + Left mouse buttons


Pressing the right and left mouse buttons speed zoom the 3D view in and out .

Quick camera switch

A – Left
S – Right
D – Back
F – Front
G – Top
H – Bottom
J – Face
Z – Pan
X – Roll X-Z
C – Zoom
V – Rotate X-Y
Home – 45 Degrees

Press F to switch the selected object (character, accessory, prop) face front .

iClone key front 3D Real time Viewer (Preview Window)

Press Home iClone home 3D Real time Viewer (Preview Window) to snap the camera to the 45 degrees perspective to the selected object (character, accessory, prop).

iClone key home 3D Real time Viewer (Preview Window)

Lock to Character


Lock Dynamic Camera to character.

Unlock to Character


Unlock Dynamic Camera.

3D Real-time Viewer (Preview Window)