Importing Photo Image

Creating a face for your character is simple. Click the head iClone bluehead Importing Photo Image button on the top of the iClone user interface to begin facial settings. You can select one of the pre-made face styles from the selection in the file manager pane, or you can create one from a photo of your own. If you decide to use a photo, be sure to use a clear, front-view photo with no hair hanging or blocking the view of the face. The mouth of the face in the picture should be closed and with a normal emotionless expression. You may crop and adjust the image using a photo editing application before you attempt to use it with iClone.

To import a face photo:

  1. Click the Load Image iClone load%20image Importing Photo Image button to open the browser window.

Browser Window

iClone openwindow Importing Photo Image

  1. Browse to the folder where your face image file is saved using the Look in drop down menu.

iClone lookin Importing Photo Image

  1. Click the Open iClone open Importing Photo Image button to select the highlighted image file.
    The Import Photo Image Window opens.

iClone import%20photo%20image Importing Photo Image

  1. Use the side toolbar to make any adjustments to the image as required.
    For more details about photo enhancement, see Photo enhancement.

iClone side toolbar Importing Photo Image

  1. Click the next iClone next Importing Photo Image button to proceed to the next stage, or if the head in your photo isn’t straight and needs adjustment, go to defining the facial angle.

Importing Photo Image