Adjusting the Facial Boundary

When you import a face to use with iClone, you must define facial boundaries.

First, Use the drop-down menus below the 3D viewport to define the gender, race, and age of the face.

There are two G2 facial types included with the installation of iClone 2.

See G2 Head connection issues to see all the 9 G2 heads and the known connection issues of the neck and head.

iClone setting the facial boundary 02 Adjusting the Facial Boundary

Then drag the facial boundary points to frame the oval face exactly.

iClone facial%20boundary Adjusting the Facial Boundary

Click and drag inside the rectangle to move it.
Drag the left or right boundary points to scale the rectangle horizontally.
Drag the top or bottom boundary points to scale the rectangle vertically.
Drag the corner boundary points to scale or rotate the rectangle.


Click the next iClone next Adjusting the Facial Boundary button to proceed to the next stage, adjusting the angle and orientation of the face.

Adjusting the Facial Boundary