G1 and G2 Characters

In iClone 2.0, brand new characters with an innovative skeleton structure are introduced. You may use G1 characters for your projects, or alternatively, the G2 characters for higher quality actors.

To use the G2 characters:

  1. Click Avatar iClone character G1 and G2 Characters button and then the Character iClone character2 G1 and G2 Characters button.

  2. Focus to the G2 Character folder in the Template tab of the File Manager. iClone g2 character folder G1 and G2 Characters

  3. Double click any one of the template to apply to the project or click the Apply iClone applybutton G1 and G2 Characters button to load the G2 character selected.

Please notice that G1 and G2 characters share the Hair, Accessories, and Skin templates. AS for the Upper Body, Lower Body and Shoes templates, they are not sharable between G1 and G2 characters.

See G2 characters section for more details.

Please also see Comparison Chart of G1 and G2 Characters for more details about the differences between G1 and G2 characters.

G1 and G2 Characters