Animating Your Character

Animating your character with iClone allows you to bring life to your custom iClone character by easily assigning one of the many included motion capture files to instantly see your character move inside the scene.

iClone motion%20menu Animating Your CharacterTo animate your character:

1.Open either a project you have created yourself, or one of the existing template projects. Do this by clicking the Project iClone project Animating Your Characterbutton and double clicking one of the projects in the file manager pane. If you saved a project after reading the previous tutorial, use that project. Remember, your custom projects are in the Custom tab, and the predefined template projects are in the Template tab.

2. Click the Animation iClone animate Animating Your Character button and then the Motion iClone motion Animating Your Characterbutton, or click the Motion option in the drop down menu.

3.From the Template tab in the file manager pane, double-click a motion to use for your character.

iClone motion%20template Animating Your Character

When you click the Play iClone play Animating Your Character button you see your character move. You can alter the motion of your character by using the Modify tab.

iClone motion%20modify Animating Your Character

If you want to edit the current motion, or create a new motion based on blending custom poses and motions together click Motion Editor Launch button, refer to Motion Editor Help for details about editing character motions.

iClone provides compatibility with the BVH motion format allowing you to import many existing motion files from third-party software or motion libraries. If you want to convert BVH files into the iClone motion format, click BVH Motion Converter Launch button, see BVH Motion Converter for details. Note: BVH conversion requires that the appropriate BVH motion profile exists to translate the BVH file into iClone format.

You can adjust the speed of the selected motion using the Motion Speed slider. You can also import a new motion from a file. If you like the result, you may want to add your new motion to the list of custom motions. 

iClone animating your character 01 Animating Your Character

Click the Add iClone add Animating Your Character button to add it to the Custom tab.

Animating Your Character