Adding a Music Track

Anytime during scene production of your scene you may import music to a separate and independent audio track. This feature is great for synching the choreography of character movement with any music tempo.

To add music to the iClone project:

1. Open either a project you have created yourself, or one of the existing template projects. Do this by clicking the Project iClone project Adding a Music Track button and double clicking one of the projects in the file manager pane. If you saved a project after reading the previous tutorial, use that project. Remember, your custom projects are in the Custom tab, and the predefined template projects are in the Template tab.

2. Click the Animation iClone animate Adding a Music Track button and then the Music iClone music Adding a Music Track button, or click the Music option in the drop down menu.

3. From the Template tab in the file manager pane, double-click a music file to use for your character.

You can adjust the motion tempo to the music and sync it with the movement of the character. You can also import any sound file in WAV format. See Music for details

iClone music%20modify Adding a Music Track

Adding a Music Track