Exporting an Image

The export images area is split into three sections: Format, Output Size and Render Quality

iClone export image Exporting an Image


  1. Use the drop down list to choose BMP, JPG, TGA, or Gif format.

  2. Click the Advanced iClone advanced Exporting an Image button to display the advanced options. Advanced options depend upon the output format you have selected.


Select 32 or 24 bit BMP output. 32 bit BMP images containing Alpha channels are more suitable for image composition.

iClone bmpoption Exporting an Image


Use the slider to assign JPG quality.

iClone jpgoption Exporting an Image



Select 32 or 24 bit TGA output. 32 bit TGA images containing Alpha channels are more suitable for image and video composition.

iClone tga%20option Exporting an Image


Select the number of colors,and transparency options for a GIF output. When exporting GIF images with transparency, turning off the Anti-Aliased option will produce cleaner edges.

iClone gifoption Exporting an Image


Output size

You can define the size of the exported image in the Output Size field. To define output size:

  1. Use the radio buttons to select whether to export the whole screen or just a predefined render area.

  2. Select either a Standard Size or define a Custom Size using the spinner arrows.

iClone set render area Exporting an Image

Render quality

The render quality can be set to Quick or Fine using the radio buttons. Check the Anti-Aliased checkbox to export an anti-aliased image. An anti-aliased output will produce an image with less jagged edges and pixilated areas.

Click the Estimate iClone estimate Exporting an Image button to calculate an estimate of the output file size.

Click the Export iClone export2 Exporting an Image button to export the image.

Exporting an Image