Exporting a Video

The export video area is split into 4 sections: Format, Output Size, Render Quality, and Output Range.

iClone video%20format1 Exporting a Video


1. Use the drop down list to choose AVI, RM, WMV or MP4 format.

2. Click the Advanced iClone advanced Exporting a Video button to display advanced options. Advanced options are only available when you select MP4 for PC format. Select predefined profiles of RM, WMV and MP4 using the drop down list below.

iClone vidout%20option Exporting a Video

Output size

You can define the size of the exported image in the Output Size field. To define output size:

  1. Use the radio buttons to select whether to export the whole screen or just a predefined render area.

  2. Select either a Standard Size or define a Custom Size using the spinner arrows.

  3. iClone set render area Exporting a Video


iClone hdformat Exporting a Video

  • The flexibility of the output size depends on the video format you choose. WMV and MP4 have specific restriction on output size defined by the profiles.


Render quality

The render quality can be set to Quick or Fine using the radio buttons. Check the Anti-Aliased check-box to export an anti-aliased image. An anti-aliased output will produce an image with less jagged edges and pixilated areas.

Click the Estimate iClone estimate Exporting a Video button to calculate an estimate of the output file size.

Output range

You can either export the entire video, or just a range of frames. Select the output range using the radio buttons in the Output Range field. You can also select the Frame Rate here using the slider bar.

iClone video%20format2 Exporting a Video

The output range can also be set using the 2 triangle markers below the play bar.

iClone rrange marker Exporting a Video

Click the Export iClone export2 Exporting a Video button to export the video.

Exporting a Video