Direct Picking and Manipulating Selected Objects

iClone provides a convenient method to use your mouse to pick and edit a character, an accessory or a prop directly from inside the 3D viewer. You may use hotkeys to manipulate the transform data of the selected objects.

  • Picking

    1. In the 3D viewer, double click the object (character, accessory or prop) you want to select.

    2. You will see the selected object shows its bounding box in the 3D viewer, and the corresponding modify page appears in the file manager.

    iClone picking and manipulating objects 1 Direct Picking and Manipulating Selected Objects

    1. You may now modify the selected objects.


  • Since Billboard faces to the camera always while the bounding box remains unchanged, you might be unable to pick the billboard if you click somewhere on the billboard but out of its bounding box.

  • This feature does not support for the 3D scenes, the transparent objects, the particles and the emitters.

  • Manipulating Objects

    • You may use the hot keys to move or rotate the selected objects.




Move (X, Z)

Alt+up/down = move (Z) Alt+right/left = move (X)

iClone character%20position Direct Picking and Manipulating Selected Objects

Move (Y)

Ctrl+up/down = move (Y)

If the shadow sinks into the ground or floats in the air, use this function to fine tune the shadow offset


Ctrl+left/right = rotate (Y)

Tips – Speed movement: Hold the Shift key to increase the movement or rotate speed 10x.

Direct Picking and Manipulating Selected Objects