Teeth and Throat

Teeth and throat for your character can be selected from the templates provided. You can also manually modify the teeth and mouth you select for your character.

To select teeth and throat:

  1. Click the Head iClone bluehead Teeth and Mouth button.

  2. Click the Teeth/Throat iClone teeth%20and%20mouth Teeth and Mouth button.

  3. From the Template tab, double-click on the teeth thumbnails to apply them to the current character.

To modify your character’s teeth and mouth:

  1. Click the Modify tab.

  2. Adjust the brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation of the teeth or mouth using the slider bars in the Adjust Color field.

iClone teeth%20and%20mouth%20modify Teeth and Mouth

  1. Adjust the position and size of the teeth using the controls in the Teeth Adjustment field. You can move the teeth left/right, up/down, or back/forward. You can also adjust the width and height of the teeth using the slider bars.

Teeth and Mouth