Photo Enhancement

The photo enhancement page helps you adjust an imported facial image to make it suitable for creating a head. After importing a head image, the photo enhancement page is displayed.

iClone import%20photo%20image Photo Enhancement

Use the tools on the left side of the image processing menu to adjust the area, quality, and color settings of the image as follows.

iClone side toolbar Photo Enhancement

  • Import an image

Click Import iClone import Photo Enhancement to open the the browser window and select another face image.


  • Paste the image from Clipboard

Click Paste iClone paste Photo Enhancement to paste the image from Windows clipboard. This works only when there are image data stored in clipboard buffer.


  • Cropping an image

Click Crop Image iClone crop Photo Enhancement to select only the required image area. This can be useful when you want to select a face from a group photo or remove a large background area which is not needed for the model. Cropping the image allows you to remove excess background area and enlarge the facial image that you wish to turn into a moving image. This does not change the original image size.

Drag a marquee across the image using the mouse to create a crop box. Use the corner handles of the marquee to rotate the crop box. Use the mouse to move the crop box across the image as desired. Click OK when done. Click C to cancel the current crop box and restart. you can also refer to Defining the facial angle.


  • Rotating an image

Click Rotate CW iClone rotatecw Photo Enhancement or Rotate CCW iClone rotateccw Photo Enhancement to rotate the image by 90 degrees in the clockwise or counter clockwise direction.


  • Mirroring an image

Click Mirror iClone mirror Photo Enhancement to create a mirrored reflection of the image. This function is useful for images obtained from scanners or cameras.


  • Adjusting color levels automatically

Click Smart Level iClone smartlevel Photo Enhancement to adjust the color levels of the image automatically. CrazyTalk analyzes the color levels and adjusts the brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation levels to achieve optimum image quality.


  • Adjusting color levels manually

Click Color Level iClone colorlevel Photo Enhancement to adjust the brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation levels of the image manually. Use the sliders in the menu box to adjust the values or enter the numerical values for each parameter in the boxes next to the sliders.


  • Adjusting color balance

Click Color Balance iClone colorbalance Photo Enhancement to adjust the color balance manually. Drag the sliders to adjust the Cyan – Red, Magenta – Green, and Yellow -Blue levels. The box next to each of the respective properties shows positive or negative values depending on the position of the slider, with the center being zero. Click Highlights to apply these color settings to emphasize the brighter areas. Click Midtones to apply these color settings to the entire image with average intensity. Click Shadows to apply these color settings to emphasize the darker areas in the image.



For more details about importing a photo, see the Importing a face photo tutorial.

Photo Enhancement