G2 Head Connection Issues

Since iClone 2 provides new generation of characters, the connection issue of the head and neck is described in this section.

After you install the related G2 character packs, the number of the G2 faces in the facial-fitting wizard expands. You will see all of them in the Face List drop down list.

iClone g2facelist G2 Head Connection Issues

G2 and G1 characters share all the heads generated by iClone 2 or versions before. And when head and neck are being connected, the bases for connection are the skin (instead of the cloths) edges of the two parts.

  • Since these 9 human bases characters possess different body shapes and the neck sizes, it is highly recommended for you to use the head that matches the corresponding body when you are creating a new avatar to prevent head to body distortion.

iClone neckdistortion G2 Head Connection Issues

Neck distorts/transforms to fit the non-corresponding bodies


See Creating your own fashion designs and collections for more information about the skin layer structure for G2 characters.


G2 Head Connection Issues