Single, Multiple and Non-character Projects

Single Character

When users first open iClone, the default project comes with a single character (female explorer). Users can change the character, customize the character outfit or face, or apply facial or body animation to the character.

No Character

To use iClone to build a 3D scene or animation without human character; you can simply build a project without any character. Select the “0_Man” in the template project gallery to initiate a non-character project. Some standard character functions such as outfit change, character animation will be disabled in this mode.  In 0 character mode, you can apply a standard character to replace the invisible 0_man anytime, or add characters by using CTRL + F7 to bring up Character Selection Panel, or simply go select the target character from Character Panel.

Multiple Characters

To build a project with multiple characters, you can use CTRL + F7 to add new characters or delete selected characters. You can assign motion to the current character, or use the timeline to move or rotate the current character. In iClone 2, there can be many characters in the same project, but only one character can talk at one time. (multiple character conversation control is a coming feature)


General Operation:iClone ctrlf7 Single, Multiple and Non character Projects 

By pressing Ctrl + F7, users can turn on the “Character Selection Panel”. It allows users to add, delete and select characters.  The default character is Character 0, further editing such as applying motion, moving or rotating will be targeted to the character selected as Current. You can rename the default character names like “Character 0″ with more descriptive ones like “Warrior”.

Temporarily Hide a Character – it only turns off the display of the character. However, the project still contains the data of hidden characters, and it will keep on consuming the computer resource. To create a project totally without character data presented, please choose 0_man project.


Single, Multiple and Non-character Projects