G2 Characters

iClone 2 characters introduce an innovative skeleton setting, a new benchmark for avatar-creation.

The new skeletal structure illustrated:

iClone g1 g2 skeleton G2 Characters

G2 enhancements provide a progressive avatar:

  1. Higher Skin Texture Detail – G2 characters possess vivid skin detail with higher skin texture resolution 1024 x 1024.

  2. More realistic posing- The parts of the skin around the joints are delicately adjusted to prevent from breaking, twisting, or distorting when the characters move. Especially for specific poses and motions.

  3. 9 types of natural human base – There are 9 different model shapes of G2 characters extending the possibilities of character creation.

  4. Custom wardrobe design – CloneCloth – The G2 characters can be nude or with clothes on so it is possible for you to design your own fashion collection for the virtual stars of your projects.

  5. Comparison Chart of G1 and G2 Characters – Find out the differences between G1 and G2 characters in a comparison table.


Common character features included with G2:

  1. Proportion: 6 body styles to change the size of the characters.

  2. Character position: Move the character to the desired place in your project.

  3. Importing character: Load characters from an external, freebie or add-on VNS file.


G2 Characters