Importing a Character

When you create a character you can save it for use in other projects. To use a saved character located on your PC other than those characters found in the Template or Custom Tabs, you must import it.

To import a character into a project:

  1. Open the project into which you would like to import a character.
    Do this by clicking on the Project iClone project Importing a Character button and double-clicking the project in file manager. It could be a custom project that you have already saved, or one of the predefined template projects.

  2. Click the Avatar iClone character Importing a Character button on the top panel.

  3. Click the Character iClone character2 Importing a Character button on the lower control panel.

  4. Click the Modify tab in the file manager to display the specific character properties of the current character.

iClone character%20modify Importing a Character

  1. Click Import iClone browse Importing a Character button at the bottom of the Modify page to open the file browser, browse to where the file (VNS) of the character you want to import. The default folder to save character files is called “Character”. Select the file for the character you want and click the open button.
    The character is imported and applied to the current project.

Importing a Character