Adjusting Skin Tones

To apply a skin tone:

1. Click the Avatar iClone character Adjusting Skin Tone button.

2. Click the Skin iClone skin Adjusting Skin Tone button.

3. Select a skin tone from the Template tab, or the custom tab if you have any custom skin tones saved.

iClone skin%20template Adjusting Skin Tone

4. Click the Apply iClone applybutton Adjusting Skin Tone button to apply the skin tone to the current character.

To adjust the skin tone:

1. Click the Modify tab.

2. Adjust the color balance and the hue, brightness, saturation, and contrast using the slider controls.

iClone adjusting color 01 Adjusting Skin Tone iClone adjusting color 02 Adjusting Skin ToneiClone skin%20modify Adjusting Skin Tone

In addition to color adjustment, you can modify or replace the texture maps of the skin. See Multiple Channel Texture Mapping for details on texture modification.

Please also refer to Matching Face Color with Skin Color to find out more details.

Adjusting Skin Tone