Saving Customized Lights

There are two kinds of light: Still light and animated light. Each can be saved in different methods.

Since there is not a temporary file for keeping the data of still light, you must save your project to keep the adjustments for the still light, or you may lose all the changes you have made when you switch light mode to Animated light. We will use the color of the light as example to describe this issue. 

To save animated light settings correctly:

  1. Change to Animated Light mode.

  2. Check the Edit Key box. This is the critical step for saving your desire light.

  3. Click light 1 button and change the color of it. It will automatically add key into the timeline to keep the change.

  4. Switch between still light and animated light modes.

You will find that the light color is saved. It is highly recommended for you when you want to set the color of the light.

iClone lighteditkeyon Saving Customized Lights

Saving Customized Lights