Lighting Control

To change the lighting scheme to your project:

1. Click the Scene iClone scene Lighting Control button.

2. Click the Light iClone light Lighting Control button.

3. Click the Modify tab.

iClone light direction Lighting Control  iClone light%20modify Lighting Control

4. In the Light Control panel, click the Select Light number button then drag the cursor in the 3d view port to change the light direction. The yellow line indicates the current light direction. 

5. Use the On/Off check boxes to turn the four available lights on or off.

6.Click the Color icons to open the color palette and select a new color for each light.

7. Use the Cast Shadow check boxes to determine whether each light casts a shadow.

8. Use the Ambient Light slider bar to adjust the overall ambient light level


Here are some lighting examples:

iClone lighting control 01 Lighting Control

iClone lighting control 02 Lighting Control

iClone lighting control 03 Lighting Control

Lighting Control