Lighting and Shadow

In iClone, real-time self-shadow function can be accessed in the LightModify page.

iClone self shadow ui Lighting and Shadow

Shadow Types

In the Shadow Type drop down list, there are three types of shadows:

Drop Shadow Wall Shadow Self-cast Shadow  

iClone shadow drop1 Lighting and Shadow

iClone shadow wall1 Lighting and Shadow

iClone shadow self1 Lighting and Shadow

System default shadow. A quick way for characters to drop shadow on the virtual floor (X-Y plane) or 2D background. Wall Shadow shows an offset shadow directly behind the character creating a 2D shadow effect. A realistic way to calculate the physical projection of shadows from the light source via shadow map technology.
Cast and receive shadows both from characters and props/scene. Shadows can be cast to the source’s own surface as well.
Parameter: Opacity, Blur Quality,  Blur Level Parameters: Offset, Opacity, Blur Level Parameters: Opacity, Blur Quality, Blur Level



More About Self-cast Shadow

  • Higher resolution shadow map is required if you wish that all scene elements to cast shadows.

  • Self-cast shadow can only be projected on 3D objects but not on the virtual floor (X-Y plane) or 2D space.

  • In this version, if self-cast shadow is being casted on object with “alpha transparency” effect, it might cause some artifacts.

  • Whether the props can cast or receive shadows can be pre-defined by content developers inside 3D Studio MAX.


Shadow quality comparison

iClone 1.0 Drop Shadow iClone 1.5 (or later version) Self Cast Shadow

iClone self shadow 0 Lighting and Shadow

iClone self shadow Lighting and Shadow

Mid Blur Level + High Blur Quality Less Blur Level + High Opacity High Blur Level

iClone self shadow blur Lighting and Shadow

iClone self shadow blur 0 Lighting and Shadow

iClone self shadow blur 1 Lighting and Shadow

Shadow map resolution

Large scene takes larger size shadow map to make the self-cast shadow with higher resolution

Self Shadow Resolution – Scene ( Low )  Shadow Resolution – Scene ( High )
iClone image100 Lighting and Shadow iClone image102 Lighting and Shadow

Shadow Bias Adjustment

this function helps to correct some shadow displacement caused by extreme shadow angle

iClone image103 Lighting and Shadow iClone image104 Lighting and Shadow
iClone image105 Lighting and Shadow iClone image107 Lighting and Shadow

* iClone Self-cast Shadow function supports NVIDIA series graphics card only


Lighting and Shadow