Animating Light


  • Dynamic lights and shadows help to create dramatic effects.

  • Light Keys in the timeline store light position and light color.

  • Most light animation has the same timeline editing feature as the animated camera

  • Ambient setting affects the whole project, and is only kept inside the project file. Ambient light is not key adjustable.

Operations:iClone light animation key 1 Animating Lights

Add a light key in the animation timeline

1.Select Animated Light and enable the Edit key option.

2.Single click on Timeline button to open Timeline Interface.

3.Move the frame slider to preview the animation, and find the target frame to add light effect.

4.Drag the frame slider in the timeline editor, reach your target frame area in timeline.

5.Double click on this track, it will add a new light key.

6.Click on the light number, then you can drag mouse to control the light direction, or change light color from the Color box.

Add light keys to animate light:

Find the next frame for the 2nd light key, repeat the same process with different light setting, then you can see the light animation.


Animating Lights

You can set position and orientation keys in Timeline Editor, See Animation Timeline Editing for details.



Animating Lights