Large Scene Camera

iClone templates for shooting large scale scenes that allow for distant objects to be in view of the camera. Large scene cameras fix the previous version limitation of scene size and camera view.

iClone large scene 1 Large Scene Camera

You may apply the camera for the large scene to solve the problem:

  1. Click the Scene iClone scene Large Scene Camera button.

  2. Click the Camera iClone camera Large Scene Camera button.

  3. From the Template tab, click to the Large Scene under the Camera directory.

iClone large scene 3 Large Scene Camera

  1. Apply the appropriate template that is best suited for your scene according to the scene size.

iClone large scene 2 Large Scene Camera


  • Z-fighting: If you apply the large scene camera that has a render range much wider than the size of your scene, the z-fighting problem may occur which can cause the flickering of some mesh faces.

Large Scene Camera