Animating Camera

Animation Settings for Camera 

  • iClone camera animated Animating CameraStill camera mode 

Still mode is for interactive project preview purposes where users can freely adjust the camera angle while no key data will be stored in timeline. The still mode setting can only be kept in the iClone project, and will not affect any timeline key settings.

  • Animated Camera

    Animated mode is for playing back a project with a predefined animated camera, and will also open the timeline for you to view the key arrangement. If you only want to view the project using the animated camera without accidentally adding keys to the timeline while previewing, please turn Edit mode OFF.

  • Edit Key (on/off) 

    When the timeline key Edit mode is ON, users will auto add a key to the current frame when adjusting the camera via mouse drag operation. It’s a very quick way to create animated camera effects using the timeline. 

    Please note when users attempt to add a camera key to the project from scratch, the camera will jump to it’s default position when you first turn on “Edit Mode”. The reason is that there is no key information in the first frame yet; iClone uses the default camera setting as the first key, not the Still Mode (or temp) camera position. Users can simply reposition the camera to reset the key data.

    To set animated camera with position and orientation keys in Timeline Editor, See Animation Timeline Editing for details.

  • Lock to Character

    This is a quick or temporary way to force camera (left-right pan) lock to a moving character. To have a perfect camera tracking result, users can also set an animated camera in the timeline to manually track the character in their own favorable ways.



If all camera keys get deleted, the screen focus might disappear. To bring back the main character (scene or props) at any time.  use hotkey: A S D F G H J (front, right, top, left, bottom, back, face) to re-focus the camera and add new camera key.

Animating Camera