Using LivePlants

A totally new idea of plants in the scene is introduced in iClone 2. You may purchase more LivePlants packages from our website:

iClone wilderness Using LivePlants


The Advantages of the LivePlants:

iClone liveplants1 Using LivePlants

Large number – Simply double-click on any one template in the LivePlants under the 3D Scene gallery, abundant plants grow automatically. It saves a lot of time for you to plant one after another.

Good performance – Though there are amount of plants in the scenes when you apply the template, the consumption of the resources for the operating system remains low.

Navigate LOD ( level of detail ) – The closer the plants to the camera, the more detail can be rendered or seen. With this design, your projects look much more similar to the real world.

Dynamic wind – This is one of the most powerful features. The plants simulate the passing-by of the wind by swaying on their own. No further adjustments of parameters needed and your project turns out to be vital!

iClone lifeplants Using LivePlants



Pixel shader needed: Your graphic card must support pixel shader so the live plants appear. Please also turn on the pixel shader in the preference.

Shadowless: The plants don’t cast shadow in this version.

Un-resizable: If you resize the scene with live plants in it, the plants remain their size while other objects in the scene change.

Using LivePlants