Props and Custom 3D Scene Generation

iClone Props system is made by different types of 3D objects that serve different purposes.  Users can insert multiple props and combine them to make a more viable prop. iClone has provided a comprehensive library of Props including 3D blocks, 3D Live Props, 3D Space, 3D Surface, Billboard, Gloss, Architecture and Landscape, also with some props from affiliated vendors such as Poser works and TurboSquid.  The following table outlines samples of the Props.  

Types of props

3D Blocks are simple 3D primitives, such as cube, sphere, cylinder, etc. Users can XYZ move, scale or rotate 3D blocks, or merge several 3D Blocks into a new Merged Prop. See Merging props for details on merging multiple props into one.

iClone 3d blocks ui Props and Custom 3D Scene Generation


3D Blocks are provided with reference texture images, which helps users execute precise face-based texture mapping by filling in the predefined texture area.

iClone uv block Props and Custom 3D Scene Generation  iClone uv sample Props and Custom 3D Scene Generation


3D Surface is made by 3D planes (3D object without thickness), either purely flat or with curves. It’s extremely low polygon, but with high design flexibility.

Users can use 3D Surface to represent plants, papers, tracks, foot print, cloth, or draperies, etc.

Users can simply redefine the shape of 3D surface by using opacity map for transparency masking. 

iClone 3d surface ui Props and Custom 3D Scene Generation

3D Space contains large size 3D space with surface facing inside. Users can easily apply 360 degree panoramic texturing effects such as sky or surrounding images to encircle a custom virtual space.
iClone 3d space ui Props and Custom 3D Scene Generation


Glossy Objects

Users can use those pre-defined glossy items to make shiny, reflective objects, such as glasses, crystal, metal, soap bubble, or hard plastic items. 

iClone 3d gloss ui Props and Custom 3D Scene Generation


iClone Billboards inherits most of the characteristics of 3D Surface.  In addition, iClone billboard keeps facing the audience even after users move the camera.  Users can use billboard  to display complicated images in low polygon size, such as distant tree, grass, sprite effects, or use it as signboard, or text prompt which need to always face front

iClone 3d billboards ui Props and Custom 3D Scene Generation


Architecture contains a list of pre-defined basic structures for architectural elements or buildings. Users can easily use those basic building items to construct their custom environment.

iClone 3d architeture ui Props and Custom 3D Scene Generation


  • You can rotate the Door prop located in the \3D Blocks\Wall and Floor\ folder to simulate the animation of door open or close.


Live Props contains the 3D props embedded with numerous animation segment, Live Props are easy to wrap multiple animation for living creatures in one Live Props file. The behavior of props can be set in the timeline by selecting target animation clips. Users can also define idle loop motion to provide a live mode in default when no clips applied. See Live prop animation for more details.

iClone 3d liveprops Props and Custom 3D Scene Generation

Please note, the motion clips are sorted by Action_Alphabet__, it means the same alphabet clips groups can seamlessly connect with each other. Some clips can be applied individually as a motion loop.



Props and Custom 3D Scene Generation