Merging Props

To merge props

iClone image118 Merging PropsConcepts:

iClone 2 allows users to import up-to 16 props in the working props panel. By merging several props into a new prop, users have the ability to add numerous props in the scene. Merged props act as a new 3D prop combining all listed prop items, includes texture settings and motion data.


Merged prop will be temporarily named as MergedProp, it will appear at the same location with minor pixel offset. You can Add it to your custom library and rename the prop there, you can easily duplicate the same props in 3D scene by applying it from the custom gallery.

Users can also merge props with animation keys or clips into animated Merged Props; the animation of animated Merged Prop will automatically kept as idle animation when placed in a project.  Users can use ” Still” as the animation clip for Merged props to stop animation. See Animation Timeline Editing for details.


Please determine the scale of the props before they are merged or you may encounter some distortion exceptions if you re-size the merged prop.

Merging Props