Live Prop Animation

Animate 3D Live Props using Animation Clips   


  1. Go to the Props page, select Robodog_A from \3D LiveProps folder. Switch to the Modify tab, and single click the timeline button.

  2. Drag the timeline scroll bar to the target frame location.

  3. If we change the RTS (Rotation, Translation, Scale) of props ,a new key will appear to mark the change.

  4. Double click on the clip track or single click on Add Clip button. It will add one default clip to the track.

  5. Right click on the clip, it brings the Clip List. Choose the animation clip you wish to apply.

  6. Go to the end of the clip, you can add a new clip to connect to the previous animation.

iClone clips sample Live Prop Animation


  • Clips named with the same Alphabet Group means they can be connected with each other, or provide loop effects.

  • If you double click the track and get no motion clips , it implies this prop does not include motion for editing.


Animating Live Props

To set position and orientation keys in Timeline Editor, edit further on animation clips, see Animation Timeline Editing for details.

Live Prop Animation