Launching the Motion Editor

What can Motion Editor do for you?

Design custom motions, adjust motion, and offset characters.

Connect motion clips to create new motions.

Extract poses from motion clips.

Change the motion speed.

Remove foot sliding.

Save as projects for further editing.

Transmit to iClone and apply to the characters.

Please refer to Motion Editor help document for details on editing motions.

Refer to the online Visual Reference Guide which provides you an overview of iClone motion editing features with animated illustrations.

Alternatively, you may link to our web site for more updated information:


To launch Motion Editor:

  1. Click the Animation iClone animate Launching the Motion Editor button.

  2. Click the Motion iClone motion Launching the Motion Editor button.

  3. Click the Modify tab.

  4. Click the Launch iClone launch Launching the Motion Editor button in the Motion Editor field.

Launching the Motion Editor