Launching CrazyTalk

CrazyTalk is an application that works in tandem with iClone. You can launch CrazyTalk directly from iClone to edit the current facial animation. Or you can create scripts (CTS files) using CrazyTalk and then import them into iClone. 

To launch CrazyTalk:

  1. Click the Animation iClone animate Launching CrazyTalk button.

  2. Click the Facial Animation iClone facial%20animation Launching CrazyTalk button.

  3. Click the Modify tab.

  4. Click the Launch iClone launch Launching CrazyTalk button in the CrazyTalk field to launch the CrazyTalk application.

  5. Edit the facial animation script in CrazyTalk, see CrazyTalk help document for details.

  6. Click the Update button in CrazyTalk Script Gallery to transfer the result back to iClone.

You can go back and forth between iClone and CrazyTalk to fine-tune the facial animation. If you like to keep the result for later use, click the Add iClone add Launching CrazyTalk button to add the script to the Custom tab.


Only Face, Head, Eyes and Lips track data can be shared between iClone and CrazyTalk.

Launching CrazyTalk