Applying Eye Movements

CrazyTalk also supports movements of the pupils of the eyes in the horizontal and vertical direction. These eye movements will take effect only when virtual eyes are selected under Advanced Facial Settings.

Double-click anywhere on the Eyes track to apply eye movements as follows. You can also select part of the timeline to apply the eye movements to that section.

iClone eye CrazyTalk   Applying Eye Movements

  1. Select which eyes are to be moved by selecting the Both, Left, or Right options.

  2. Click the iClone uparrow CrazyTalk   Applying Eye Movements/iClone downarrow CrazyTalk   Applying Eye Movements/iClone leftarrow CrazyTalk   Applying Eye Movements/iClone rightarrow CrazyTalk   Applying Eye Movements arrows to move the pupils in the required direction. Click Reset to cancel all settings and start over.

  3. Click OK when done.

The eye movements are applied to only a small section of the script and indicated on the track by a circle which turns brown when selected. Move the circle to other parts of the script as desired or use the editing tools to duplicate the eye movements.

CrazyTalk – Applying Eye Movements