Rules of Linkage

Please keep in mind that the linking object and the target object are also referred to as child node and parent node before we start this section.

  • Align Position to the Target Object

    • When the linkage is performed with the Align Position to Parent box checked, iClone aligns the Pivot of the child node to the parent node.

    iClone link linking rules 9 Rules of Linkage
    The initial look
    (Pose is applied to the character)

    iClone link linking rules 11 Rules of Linkage
    Link to the node on the back of the horse.

    iClone link linking rules 10 Rules of Linkage
    Character is aligned to the horse

    iClone link linking rules 12 Rules of Linkage
    Rotate the horse to another direction,
    the character will also rotate along
    with the horse

    • It is strongly recommended to rotate the child to the appropriate orientation before the linkage is performed with the Align Position to Parent box checked.


    • Normally, a Pivot of a 3D object refers to the center of the object (bounding-box-based).

    iClone pivot Rules of Linkage

    • Sometimes a Pivot can be intentionally set to another location for certain purpose. Take the character in iClone for example, the Pivot is located at the center of both soles.

    iClone link linking rules 8 Rules of Linkage
    The pivot of the character

  • Timing of Linkage

    • Please note that the linkage result can be varied in accordance with the timing you link two objects.

    • if you want to have a consistent linkage effect during the whole animation, please apply Link to at the 1st frame.

  • First Frame

    iClone link linking rules 1 Rules of Linkage

    Link to the swing

    iClone link linking rules 1 Rules of Linkage

    Link to the Scene Root

    Middle Frame

    iClone link linking rules 2 Rules of Linkage

    iClone link linking rules 4 Rules of Linkage

    Link to the Swing


    iClone link linking rules 3 Rules of Linkage iClone link linking rules 5 Rules of Linkage
  • Link and Unlink

    • If the Align Position to Parent is checked, the original offset values of the child node will be temporally disregarded, two objects aligned at the pivot position. If you unlink (or set Link to to the Scene Root) them, then the child resumes to it’s original offset position.

    iClone link linking rules 6 Rules of Linkage

    Object is offset before linkage

    iClone link linking rules 7 Rules of Linkage

    The offsets are disregarded after linkage


    If an object has been linked and aligned to a parent already, invoke the Link to Sub-Node dialog box and click OK to leave the dialog box without making any change, the result might be unexpected since the Rotate and Scale data are retrieved again.

    iClone link linking rules 13 Rules of Linkage

  • Keep the Linkage Relationships

    • The linkage can only be kept in a project. If you separately add characters or props with a child into the custom library, the child, accessories excluded, will be ignored and removed.

    • If you merge props containing linkage data, the merged prop will be linked to the scene root only.

    • Recursive Linkage is prohibited. If A links to B, B can not link back to A.

Rules of Linkage